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Personalized Service from Start to Finish

Whether you're welcoming a new client or celebrating a job well done, we'll help you create an Italian gourmet gift that will satisfy even the most discerning client. Our dedicated corporate gifting representatives will help you select unique Italian artisanal specialties, and make even the most complex orders a breeze. We'll work with you to ensure your Italian gourmet gift arrives exactly on time and delights!

  • Antipasti Sampler Gift Box

    Antipasti Sampler Gift Box

    An Italian gourmet celebration is never complete without a great antipasti. It's the best way to start a memorable dinner or casual get together with friends. From specialty salami to hand-braided cheese, this assortment of Italian antipasti is an ideal gift for an effortless appetizer spread. The perfect gift for your favorite host.

    $ 49.95 | 6 Piece Set
  • Volpi Salami Gift Box

    Volpi Salami Gift Box

    All great meals should start with amazing salami. From antipasti to pizza, Italian salami is a classic way to add an Italian touch to any meal. We selected 6 salume by Volpi that reflect the tradition and old world craftsmanship of artisanal salami. From traditional Genova salami to the creative wine-infused Chianti salami, this set is perfect for entertaining or tasting.

    $ 52.95 | 6 Piece Set
  • Piccolo Assaggio "A Little Taste" Gift Box

    Piccolo Assaggio "A Little Taste" Gift Box

    Introducing the newest gift to our collection. Piccolo Assaggio, meaning "little taste," in Italian is a simple, but beautiful way to share a taste of Italian antipasti. Artisanal Volpi Genova Salami and Gourmet Pepperoni are classic salamis that are perfect for sharing. Unique Lovera Caciocavera cheese is hand-formed and aged to perfection. To top it off, Taralli crackers add a savory crunch to this tasteful antipasti spread.

    $ 34.95 | 4 Piece Set
  • Aperitivo Gift Box

    Aperitivo Gift Box

    Picnic indoors or out with this carefully selected collection of ready-to-eat-antipasti. Aged wine-infused salamis, crispy crackers, plump olives, delectable tomatoes, and olive spreads are the perfect aperitivo (before dinner) snack. All presented in our signature gift box. The perfect gift for adventurous food-lovers.

    $ 69.95 | 8 Piece Set

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