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Easter Specialties

Buy Italian Easter Bread

One of the traditions many Italian families enjoy is sharing Italian Easter bread. The sweet bread is often baked in the shape of a dove, and many people top it with almonds and sugar. You can enjoy Italian Easter bread fresh from the oven on its own or with a bit of butter. Some people pair it with Nutella or another type of chocolate sauce for even more sweetness. While many people enjoy the process of baking Colomba Pasquale, you can leave to the hard work to the experts, buy store-bought from Ditalia and still enjoy the great taste of this authentic Easter dessert.

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  • Moscato Sweet Zabajone Custard and Corn Cookies

    Moscato Sweet Zabajone Custard and Corn Cookies
    I Peccati di Ciacco and Primo Pan

    We have paired delicious Piedmont Moscato Wine Zabajone custard and Corn Cookies for this elegant and refined dessert set. The Zabajone, made with a DOCG Moscato wine from Piedmont, is one of the recognized Italian desserts and can be eaten on its own or used as a sauce, filling or for dipping. We ... 

    $ 21.95 | 2 Piece Set
  • Salumeria Gift Set

    Salumeria Gift Set

    All great meals should start with amazing salami. From antipasti to pizza, Italian salami is a classic way to add an Italian touch to any meal. We selected our favorite 5 salume by Volpi that reflect the tradition and old world craftsmanship of artisan salami. From traditional Genova salami to the c... 

    $ 34.95 | 5 Piece Set
  • Easy Entertainer Gift Set

    NEW Easy Entertainer Gift Set

    Great gatherings are often spontaneous. That's why we created the Easy Entertainer Set. Inside, you'll find everything needed to assemble a great antipasti spread in a pinch. Included are are crowd-pleasing classics like Prosciutto, Sopressata salame, and Taralli crackers. Delicious sun-dried tomat... 

    $ 69.95 | 7 Piece Set
  • Ottimo Festa Gift Set

    NEW Ottimo Festa Gift Set

    For your next large gathering, look no further than the Ditalia Ottimo Festa Set. This "ultimate feast" provides everything you'll need to entertain a crowd in style. A variety of Volpi cured meats gives everyone a chance to try Italy's finest cured specialities. Cheeses ranging in texture, flavor... 

    $ 139.95 | 16 Piece Set
  • Amaretti Cookie Crumble Bark Gift Box

    Amaretti Cookie Crumble Bark Gift Box
    Bottega DITALIA

    Nominated in 2014 for "Outstanding Chocolate" by the Specialty Food Association for a SOFI, this exclusive is made with the famous and authentic Amaretti cookies from Saronno, Italy and paired with a luscious and velvety 52% fair trade dark chocolate. The flavor is a delicate balance between bitter... 

    $ 14.95 | 8 oz
  • Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries

    Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries
    Bottega DITALIA

    Our very own Bottega DITALIA Chocolate Covered Amarena Cherries. Big, tart, luscious and extremely flavorful Italian Amarena cherries from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy are surrounded in a rich syrup made from the juice of the cherries and then encased in smooth premium dark chocolate. 

    $ 17.50 | 6 oz
  • Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread

    Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread
    Rigoni di Asiago

    Nocciolata (no-chee-oh-la-ta) is a soft and fragrant blend of chocolate and hazelnuts. When you think of a chocolate spread, you will most often think of Ferrero Nutella. However, Nocciolata is a creamier version that is more like a sauce rather than as spread. The toasted hazelnut flavor is mor... 

    $ 7.50 | 9.52 oz

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