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Grains, Nuts + Flours

  • Italian Quinoa

    Italian Quinoa
    (Le Specialita di Maja) - 10.6 oz

    The Zannini family of Quinoa Marche have painstakingly chosen cultivars of Quinoa that actually enrich soils previously used to grow sugar beets, providing a new sustainable supply for the growing demand of this South American superfood. 

  • Mozzafiato Savory Almond Topping

    Mozzafiato Savory Almond Topping
    (Ritrovo Selection) - 5 oz

    This savory topping is made from toasted California almonds, sundried tomato shavings, and flakes of sweet pepper. Versatile and zesty. Recommended for salads and cheese plates, especially ones including mozzarella and burrata. 

  • Toasted Almonds w/ Truffle and Salt

    Toasted Almonds w/ Truffle and Salt
    (Ritrovo) - 8 oz

    Miller Farms has been growing almonds for four generations, sustainably and with an artisanal and traditional approach. Here, they have taken their fresh almonds, roasted them with olive oil and seasoned them with the award winning Truffle and Salt from Casina Rossa by Ritrovo. The earthy underton... 

  • Biancoperla White Corn Polenta

    Biancoperla White Corn Polenta
    (Terrielo) - 1.1 lb

    Biancoperla corn has long been the variety of corn grown in the area of Veneto between Padova and Treviso. It is know for its low yield, fineness and delicate flavor. While other more high-yielding varieties of corn for polenta came to cultivated in this and other parts of Italy, a few careful farme... 

  • Maranello Corn Flour "Stone Ground Polenta"

    Maranello Corn Flour "Stone Ground Polenta"
    (Terrielo) -  each

    A flour made from Maranello corn, particularly remarkable for its beautiful deep yellow orange color and flecks of darker corn bran. Grown using sustainable farming techniques careful selection of seeds. Once picked, our the maranello corn is stone ground into a fine flour. Generations of experience... 

  • Farro Grain

    Farro Grain
    (Casino di Caprafico) - 16 oz

    Farro, also called whole Emmer wheat, is believed to be one of the original strains of cultivated wheat in the world. It is beloved by Italians both for its health-giving qualities and its delicious nutty flavor. Farro looks like a cross between barley and brown rice, naturally high in fiber, protei... 

  • Soft Wheat Flour "Farina" 00

    Soft Wheat Flour "Farina" 00
    (Granoro) - 2.2 lb

    Granoro Farina "00" is the prefered Italian flour for bread, focaccia, pizza, and cakes. This flour also makes excellent homemade pasta dough. This super-soft flour is the choice for many bakers throughout Italy and the world. Made in Italy of soft wheat flour type 00. 

  • 100% Corn Couscous - 1.1lb

    100% Corn Couscous - 1.1lb
    (Biaitalia) - 1.1 lb

    Organic gluten-free couscous. Easy to cook and adaptable to many vegetarian, seafood and meat based recipes. 

  • Heirloom Controne "No Soak" Beans

    Heirloom Controne "No Soak" Beans
    (Michele Ferrante) - 10 oz

    With its rich, volcanic soil and stable climate, the Cilento area of Campania is an Eden for agriculture. It is also home to the village of Controne and its prized heirloom bean, registered by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and revered for its tremendous flavor as well as its nutritional value,... 

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