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Italian Cheese

The origins and history of Italian cheese can be traced back to Roman Empire. The people of Rome, during the reign of the Roman Empire, were passionate about not only creating cheese but also in sharing and introducing it to many European countries like Spain, France and several other countries. Pecorino Romano Italian cheese, is one of the most notable types of cheeses to have its roots from this era. Just as the name suggests, Pecorino translates to sheep's milk and Romano translates to from Rome. Today, Italian cheeses produced in Italy are among the world's largest producing countries for cheese. Recent estimates show that nearly 450 types of Italian cheeses are made in Italy. The Italian's take their cheese very seriously. Most of the notable Italian cheeses available today have been granted a protected status by the Italian government to not only protect the cheeses that are produced in Italy, but also an assurance of quality standards that consumers can rely on. Only the very best wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano, Asiago, Fontina, Caciocavallo, Gorgonzola and several others are stamped by the approval of the government to be sold throughout Italy and abroad.

While, Italian cheeses are among some of the finest produced throughout the world, the cheese producing craze in the USA in growing strong, with several small sized producers are taking the information from the old world traditions of Italy and applying them to produce similar style cheeses using resources available in the USA. You will notice that DITALIA is a proud partner to the Lovera family from Oklahoma. The Lovera's have cultural roots to the northern Italian region of Piedmont. One of the cheeses produced from this area was called caciocavallo. Since the name "caciocavallo" is a protected name, the Lovera family couldn't call their American made cheese "caciocavallo", so they named it "Caciocavera", which is a spin on the Italian cheese name "caciocavallo" and the Lovera family name.

Discover the old world Italian cheeses and the artisan produced cheese from the Lovera family exclusively at DITALIA.
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