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  • Whole Sicilian Castelvetrano Green Olives

    NEW Whole Sicilian Castelvetrano Green Olives

    Castelvetrano Olives, grown in western Sicily, are well known for their vibrant green color and their sweet, buttery flavors. Subtle, rich, and a classic part of any antipasti spread.  

    $ 8.95 | 12 oz
  • Dark Chocolate Egg

    NEW Dark Chocolate Egg

    Looking for an Italian spin to add to this year's Easter egg hunt? These delicious dark chocolate eggs will do just the trick! Created in the charming southern Italian region of Calabria, these traditional Easter treats are delicious, festive, and fun! Crack open their shells to reveal a delicious ... 

    $ 28.95 | 12.35 oz
  • Milk Chocolate Egg

    NEW Milk Chocolate Egg

    Crack open this egg to reveal a classic Italian Easter tradition! These milk chocolate eggs, created in the charming southern Italian region of Calabria, are a delightful Italian favorite. Perfect as a gift for the kids, or for decorating the dinner table, these eggs are the perfect addition to your... 

    $ 24.95 | 8.82 oz
  • Traditional Colomba Cake

    NEW Traditional Colomba Cake

    Take part in a beloved Italian Easter tradition with this delightful Colomba cake! Like the classic Panettone, the colomba cake is sweet, fruity, and seasonal. However, this traditional Venetian cake is most notable for its charming dove shape. Perfect as the centerpiece to your Easter feast or pack... 

    $ 34.95 | 2.2 lbs
  • Nocciole "Hazelnut" Colomba Cake

    NEW Nocciole "Hazelnut" Colomba Cake

    Yet another gem from the renowned Fiasconaro bakery! This Sicilian take on the classic colomba cake is a scrumptious mixture of hazelnuts, raisins, and sweet icing. Formed into its familiar dove shape, this southern Italian twist on a classic Easter tradition is an excellent way to take part in thi... 

    $ 27.95 | 2.2 lbs

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