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  • Organic Monte Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Organic Monte Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Marino Organics

    The Marino family proudly produces organic food products on their farm in southeast Sicily, in the province of Siracusa. Their native terroir, enriched by the Sicilian sun, as well as by tradition-bound stewardship, yield deep flavors in the Marino familys hand-tended olives. Marino Farmâ&eur... 

    $24.95 SALE $ 17.50 | 17 oz
  • Decaffeinated Espresso Beans

    Decaffeinated Espresso Beans
    Miscela D'Oro

    A naturally water processed decaffeinated coffee that has a rich well balanced flavor, with a thick crema. Perfect for the espresso lover that can't have caffeine. 

    $30.95 SALE $ 23.95 | 2.2 lb
  • Grappa Liquor Panettone Cake Gift Set

    NEW Grappa Liquor Panettone Cake Gift Set
    Pasticceria Filippi

    The Filippis have teamed up with veteran distiller Vittorio Capovilla to bring you this delightfully sweet panettone. Raisins are soaked in yellow muscat grappa for four days, then mixed with honey and vanilla. And to top it all off, they've included grappa Delizia spread for a rich, creamy finish. 

    $59.95 SALE $ 47.95 | 2.2 lbs
  • "Drolo" Gluten Free Cookies

    "Drolo" Gluten Free Cookies
    Primo Pan

    Drolo, meaning fun and light in Piemontese local dialect, are the name given to these cookies that reflect their light and airy weight. Made with 40% Piedmont hazelnuts, egg white, sugar, cacoa and vanilla, these biscuits will be a sure hit at the end of any meal with a glass of Moscato. In the vi... 

    $12.95 SALE $ 8.95 | 12 oz
  • Saporoso Riserva Balsamic "8 year"

    Saporoso Riserva Balsamic "8 year"

    Aged for 2 years longer than our original Saporoso, Saporoso Riserva is a high-end balsamic vinegar that exudes sophistication. Delicately matured for 8 years in oak barrels and 8 months in steel containers, this authentic Italian product is tart with delicate accents of wild flowers, grass and cook... 

    $30.95 SALE $ 24.95 | 6.7 oz
  • Sintonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Sintonia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Madonna dell'Olivo

    Sintonia, meaning symphony, is a careful selection of local (Campania) Ravece, Rotondella, Carolea and Carpellese olives. Master oil producer Antonio Mennella has created a fruity, well balanced and versatile extra virgin olive oil. Sintonia is available in small quantities and is splendid for any... 

    $35.95 SALE $ 27.95 | 17 oz
  • Amaretti di Saronno Window Box

    Amaretti di Saronno Window Box

    Amaretti di Saronno cookies are perfect to have with coffee, fine wine and after dinner liqeurs. According to legend, almost three centuries ago, the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the town of Saronno in Italy. To honor him, two young lovers, Giuseppe and Osolina, quickly baked up a mixture ... 

    $6.25 SALE $ 4.75 | 2.3 oz
  • USDA Organic Arborio Rice

    USDA Organic Arborio Rice
    Le Specialita di Maja

    USDA certified 100% organic, this superfino structure risotto rice from the Po Delta area of Piedmont, Italy, is a medium-sized, medium-starchy grain that is perfect for making versatile dishes of risotto. 

    $8.75 SALE $ 6.95 | 17.6 oz
  • Classic Sampler Gift Box

    Classic Sampler Gift Box

    If you know the smell and flavors that come from Lovera's Famous Market in Krebs, Oklahoma, you are going to love sharing this sampler gift box. Included is Lovera's awarding winning caciocavera cheese, summer sausage, meat marinade, grill rub, steak seasoning, Lovera's old world family spaghetti s... 

    $84.95 SALE $ 74.95 | 6 Piece Set
  • Hand Formed Aged Caciocavera

    Hand Formed Aged Caciocavera

    Everything great about provolone style cheese comes together in this hand-formed legend. Earthy and buttery with slight caramel notes and a nutty finish; Aged Caciocavera rides the line between subtle and bold. Flavor and texture meld into the savory experience of a raw Jersey cow's milk cheese. D... 

    $14.50 SALE $ 12.50 | 16 oz
  • Foglie di Mais (Corn Cookies)

    Foglie di Mais (Corn Cookies)
    Primo Pan

    Light and crunchy. Contains eggs from small local farms, organic honey, raw cane sugar, and local wholegrain flour. Complements tea and sweet wines. 

    $9.25 SALE $ 7.95 | 8.8 oz
  • Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)

    Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)
    Ritrovo Selections

    Bevivo is a concentrated blend of Italian balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and freshly-pressed juice. 

    $14.95 SALE $ 9.95 | 16.8 oz

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