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  • 1923 Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2015 Harvest)

    1923 Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2015 Harvest)
    Sogno Toscano

    1923 marks the first olive harvest and oil production for Sogno Toscano at their farm in Bolgheri, Italy (Tuscany). 1923 is a raw unfiltered olive oil featuring hand picked Italian olives from the estate, cold pressed, and packed in Italy. 

    $14.95 SALE $ 8.95 | 8.5 oz
  • Braided Smoked Caciocavera

    Braided Smoked Caciocavera

    Each Smoked Caciocavera is braided by hand, brine salted, and air dried to perfection by Lovera's dedicated cheesemakers. The braids are then carefully smoked with logs of locally harvested Mockernut Hickory. Lovera's uses Jersey cow milk from family-owned, single-source dairies. Hormone and pestici... 

    $5.25 SALE $ 3.50 | 4 oz
  • Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes

    Organic Whole Peeled Tomatoes
    Antica Enotria

    These ripe, juicy and tasty vine ripened tomatoes are harvested and selected by hand, washed and packed in a brine of water and sea salt in glass jars using a delicate manual process directly at the farms of the Azienda Agrobiologica Antica Enotria in region of Puglia. These tomatoes are excellent f... 

    $6.50 SALE $ 5.00 | 17.6 oz
  • Pecorino Romano

    Pecorino Romano

    Our Pecorino Romano is produced in the Sardinia region of Italy. The taste is aromatic and pleasantly sharp. Pecorino Romano is most often used on pasta dishes. Its distinctive strong, very salty flavour means that it is preferred for some pasta dishes with highly-flavoured sauces. The sharpness dep... 

    $14.00 SALE $ 9.95 | 16 oz
  • Sliced Sopressa Salami - 4 oz

    Sliced Sopressa Salami - 4 oz

    Sopressata Salame originates from the Veneto region of Italy. Volpi's version is truly a masterpiece and mirrors the refined original from Italy. Using coarsely ground pork and a light seasoning, this Sopressata can stand alone for a classic antipasto or adds a perfect compliment to any sandwich. 

    $4.95 SALE $ 3.50 | 4 oz
  • Basil and Prosciutto Roltini

    Basil and Prosciutto Roltini

    Thinly sliced prosciutto is wrapped in layers of whole-milk mozzarella cheese and basil. This unique yet traditional roll is perfect as a snack, for antipasto, or as part of a main entree dish. It's uses are limitless! 

    $7.25 SALE $ 4.75 | 8 oz
  • Tre Casi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2015 Harvest)

    Tre Casi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2015 Harvest)
    DITALIA and Communita dell'Olio Crastu

    The La Plena, Giaimo, and Zito families have made olive oil in the mountains of Madonie, Sicily for centuries. Their Olio Tre Casi is made from the rare U Crastu olive, which grows only on the cliffs of Madonie. Today, DITALIA is thrilled to bring this extra virgin olive oil to America for the first... 

    $32.95 SALE $ 21.95 | 17.6 oz
  • Grana Padano

    Grana Padano

    Grana Padano is one of the most famous cheese of Italy. The name Grana was popularly bestowed upon the cheese because of its "grainy" consistency which was markedly different from the other cheeses known until then. It began to appear with greater frequency as an ingredient in the foods of aristocra... 

    $15.00 SALE $ 11.95 | 1 lb
  • Sliced Pancetta - 4 oz

    Sliced Pancetta - 4 oz

    Pancetta is often referred to as Italian bacon. However, unlike American bacon, which is most often smoked, pancetta is the unsmoked pork belly that is cured in salt and spices. Pancetta adds a distinctive pork flavor to pasta and several other dishes, without infusing into them bacon's smokiness.... 

    $5.50 SALE $ 3.95 | 4 oz
  • Traditional Breadsticks w/ Olive Oil

    Traditional Breadsticks w/ Olive Oil
    Griss d'Or

    These wonderful breadsticks flavored only with Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a classic Piedmont breadstick. The dense structure of the traditional breadstick makes for a perfect crunch on each bite. 

    $3.95 SALE $ 1.95 | 3.52 oz
  • Meat Marinade

    Meat Marinade

    Lovera's is proud to bottle their secret marinade so you can enjoy their family recipe at home. This marinade brings tenderness and savory-ness to any meat. 

    $5.95 SALE $ 4.00 | 12 oz
  • Puttanesca Sauce

    Puttanesca Sauce
    Casina Rossa

    Small batches of lush, ripe Italian tomatoes are lightly pureed and blended with extra virgin olive oil and the highest quality puttanesca ingredients: olives, capers, 100% Italian pinenuts, and raisins. 

    $8.25 SALE $ 6.95 | 17.6 oz

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