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  • Sundried Tomatoes

    Sundried Tomatoes

    Lovera's sundried stomatoes are wonderfully sweet and great on any salad, sandwich, antipasto tray. So delicious, you might find yourself eating them straight from the jar! 

    $11.50 SALE $ 8.95 | 16 oz
  • Prairie BOMB Aged Cheese

    NEW Prairie BOMB Aged Cheese

    The wait is over! Introducing Lovera's Prairie BOMB Aged Cheese, inspired by Prairie Artisans' acclaimed stout. Wholesome Jersey Cow's Milk with coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla bean, and chili peppers marbled throughout, with a wash of BOMB stout on the rind. A true flavor bomb, best served with stouts ... 

    $14.50 SALE $ 10.95 | 8 oz
  • Pomodoro Sauce

    NEW Pomodoro Sauce

    Our friends at Porano Pasta in St. Louis have a new sauce! Their house pomodoro sauce features ripe tomatoes and fresh basil. A splash of white wine and olive oil add additional depth. Adds a special touch to everyday pasta dishes. Great as part of a farro and roasted vegetable bowl!  

    $23.95 SALE $ 19.95 | 2 Piece Set
  • "Cavolo Nero Pesto" Tuscan Black Kale Pesto

    "Cavolo Nero Pesto" Tuscan Black Kale Pesto
    Radici of Tuscany

    This unique Tuscan pesto features Cavolo Nero Kale carefully blended with almonds, pine nuts, and traditional spices. A bold, savory-salty take on an Italian classic. Perfect on bruschette and trofie pasta. 

    $10.00 SALE $ 7.50 | 6.35 oz
  • Tuscan Chickpeas (Ready to Eat)

    Tuscan Chickpeas (Ready to Eat)
    Radici of Tuscany

    These baby chickpeas from the Chianti region are cooked until tender and flavored with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sage for Radici of Tuscany's Chianti Baby Chickpeas. Their tenderness and nutty texture make for perfect pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans) and are delicious straight out of the jar. Pack... 

    $10.95 SALE $ 7.50 | 12.7 oz
  • Amaretti di Saronno Window Box

    Amaretti di Saronno Window Box

    Amaretti di Saronno cookies are perfect to have with coffee, fine wine and after dinner liqeurs. According to legend, almost three centuries ago, the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the town of Saronno in Italy. To honor him, two young lovers, Giuseppe and Osolina, quickly baked up a mixture ... 

    $6.25 SALE $ 4.75 | 2.3 oz
  • Umbrian Egg Pasta Lasagna Squares

    Umbrian Egg Pasta Lasagna Squares
    La Romagna

    These fresh squares of golden egg pasta are great for homemade lasagnas, giant or open-faced ravioli, or rolled cannelloni style pasta dishes. Wonderful to precook and have on-hand to use throughout the week for quick meals. 

    $7.95 SALE $ 5.95 | 17.6 oz
  • Grilled Fennel in Oil

    Grilled Fennel in Oil
    I Peccati di Ciacco

    From I Peccati di Ciacco comes this incredible treat that is a first choice for Piedmontese food lovers. Made in the village of Monteu Roero, outside Alba, each batch of these vinaigrette-packed grilled fennel are made in small lots with careful attention to maintain freshness and homemade goodness... 

    $12.95 SALE $ 8.95 | 10 oz
  • Pasta Sauce w/ Barolo

    Pasta Sauce w/ Barolo
    I Peccati di Ciacco

    Adds a spiced background of Nebbiolo with a rich, ripe tomato sauce. Pairs well with pasta and a bottle of Barolo wine. 

    $8.50 SALE $ 5.95 | 6.3 oz
  • Rice Penne Pasta

    Rice Penne Pasta
    I Peccati di Ciacco

    This entirely gluten-free rice flour penne pasta hails from Alba, and has a flavor and structure that is more delicate than its corn flour-based counterparts. Its pastry-like, rice flavors are outright irresistible to all pasta lovers! 

    $9.95 SALE $ 6.95 | 17.6 oz
  • Matera Friselle Crackers

    Matera Friselle Crackers
    L'Ultimo Forno

    These crackers are baked in small batches with nothing more than indigenous non-GMO grano duro wheat flour, yeast, and salt resulting in a crispy, bread-like cracker. Traditionally served as bruschette with tomatoes dipped in olive oil, they also go well with our Bel Paese cheese medallions.  

    $10.95 SALE $ 8.75 | 7 oz
  • White Bean Appetizer

    White Bean Appetizer
    Radici of Tuscany

    Heirloom Cannellini beans from the province of Lucca (Cannellini di Lucca), cooked until tender and flavored with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sage. Delicious instant antipasto or side dish. Try with Extra Virgin Olive Oil on bruschetta, or mix with fresh tuna chunks for a delicious, protein-rich meal... 

    $10.95 SALE $ 7.50 | 12.7 oz

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