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  • "Drolo" Gluten Free Cookies

    "Drolo" Gluten Free Cookies
    (Primo Pan) - 12 oz

    Drolo, meaning fun and light in Piemontese local dialect, are the name given to these cookies that reflect their light and airy weight. Made with 40% Piedmont hazelnuts, egg white, sugar, cacoa and vanilla, these biscuits will be a sure hit at the end of any meal with a glass of Moscato.


    $11.95 SALE $9.70
  • Speck Prosciutto Alto Adige - approx. wt. 1.6 lb

    Speck Prosciutto Alto Adige - approx. wt. 1.6 lb
    (Recla) -  each

    Speck Prosciutto is a type of dry cured ham that is lightly smoked and seasoned. Produced in Italy in the mountainous region where Austria, Switzerland and Italy come together, Recla is one of the reputable producers with roots of producing this specialty since 1919. Freshly cut meat must be immed... 

    $27.95 SALE $23.95
  • Peeled Tomatoes w/ Basil Leaf
  • Toasted Almonds w/ Truffle and Salt

    Toasted Almonds w/ Truffle and Salt
    (Ritrovo) - 8 oz

    Miller Farms has been growing almonds for four generations, sustainably and with an artisanal and traditional approach. Here, they have taken their fresh almonds, roasted them with olive oil and seasoned them with the award winning Truffle and Salt from Casina Rossa by Ritrovo. The earthy underton... 

    $11.95 SALE $9.50
  • Sicilian Green Olives in Brine (Drained Weight 6.35oz)

    Sicilian Green Olives in Brine (Drained Weight 6.35oz)
    (Paesano) - 10.6 oz

    Some olives are best for oil, some olives are best for the table and fortunately, one of our favorite olive varietals "the Nocellara del Belice" was destined to be suitable for both. Nocella del Belice olives originate primarily in the Trapani region of Sicily and is considered by many, including al... 

    $7.25 SALE $6.15
  • White Tuna in Olive Oil (Family Reserve)

    White Tuna in Olive Oil (Family Reserve)
    (Ortiz) - 3.95 oz

    Established in 1891 by Bernardo Ortiz de Zarate of Vizcaya, Spain, the world-renowned Ortiz seafood company is today operated by the family's fifth generation of food artisans. The Ortiz family upholds the traditional methods upon which the company was founded: local fishermen use pole lines to catc... 

    $6.95 SALE $5.90
  • Blueberry Caprino di Krebs (Soft Goat Cheese)

    NEW Blueberry Caprino di Krebs (Soft Goat Cheese)
    (Lovera) - 4 oz

    Caprino di Krebs coupled with the subtle sweetness of the beautiful blueberry creates a cheese that can be used on everything from your next bagel to a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

    This small batch, Chevre style cheese rides the line between crumbly and spreadable. Made with milk from the happ... 

    $5.95 SALE $5.00
  • Fragolina Balsamic Strawberry Jelly

    Fragolina Balsamic Strawberry Jelly
    (Malpighi) - 4.05 oz

    Fragolina is a sweet Italian gourmet jelly that is an ideal topping for fresh cheese, breads, charcuterie, meats, crackers or fresh fruit. Made from white Trebbiano grapes and fresh dried strawberries, this balsamic jelly is a delighful addition to breakfast, snacks, coctail parties and afternoon t... 

    $14.95 SALE $12.15
  • Orange Balsamic

    Orange Balsamic
    (Malpighi) - 3.38 oz

    Balsamico di Arancia is a light and tart orange balsamic vinegar that adds an unforgettable finish to a variety of meals.

    The flavor and aroma is completely balanced and is best understand by tasting the delicate balance between the orange flavor and the texture of a very fine balsamic vinega... 

    $19.95 SALE $17.45
  • Fettuccine

    NEW Fettuccine
    (Marco Giacosa) - 8.8 oz

    This Fettuccine is handmade by a gentleman named Marco Giacosa in Alba, a town in the northwest of Italy. Made with 30% eggs, this pasta has a deep golden color and is flavorful and rich. Marco Giacosa's Tagliatelle are ideal with shrimp and zucchini or combined with potatoes, pine nuts and pesto.... 

    $10.95 SALE $8.75
  • Black Olive Spread

    Black Olive Spread
    (San Giuliano) - 6.5 oz

    The San Giuliano Estates, in Alghero, Sardinia, covers a total of about 600 acres. On the San Giuliano hills, where the oil mill stands today, the olive trees find an ideal eco-climate in perfect harmony between the sea and the hillside, one of the best exposures in the area for the production of pr... 

    $6.25 SALE $5.30
  • Herbal and Aromatic Salt

    Herbal and Aromatic Salt
    (Seasonello) - 10.5 oz

    Seasonello is a delicious and healthy Italian condiment made from a blend of fresh harvested sea salt, rosemary, garlic, sage and pepper. Owing to the flavorful aroma of these fresh herbs, Seasonello enriches meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, sauces, vegetables, hamburgers and just about anything your ... 

    $4.95 SALE $4.20
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