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  • Dark Chocolate Gianduia Bar

    Dark Chocolate Gianduia Bar

    A fine example of handmade Italian chocolate. Made exclusively using I.G.P. Hazelnuts from Piedmont Italy and dark chocolate. You'll love its silky texture and subtle hazelnut flavor. 

    $6.50 SALE $ 4.55 | 3.5 oz
  • 70% Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel

    70% Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel

    Delicious extra dark chocolate (70%) paired with orange peel. 

    $6.95 SALE $ 4.87 | 3.5 oz
  • White Chocolate and Vanilla Bar
    $9.50 SALE $ 6.65 | 3.5 oz
  • Saffron & Salt

    Saffron & Salt
    Casina Rossa

    Saffron & Salt is regionally-inspired from Abruzzo. Saffron was central to the economy of Abruzzo (where producer Casina Rossa is located) throughout the Medieval period, and its re-planting is part of an effort to reintroduce traditional crops to the rural economy. Saffron & Salt is beautiful in it... 

    $21.95 SALE $ 15.37 | 3.5 oz

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