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Panettone + Pandoro

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  • Traditional Panettone

    Traditional Panettone

    Caffarel traditional Milanese panettone is nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment the beautiful paper wrap is opened, the fragrance of high quality candied citrus and raisins will exude an amazing aroma. Once you cut into the panettone and serve, you will immediately recognize the quality ... 

    $49.95 SALE $ 29.95 | 2.2 lb
  • Panettone with Amaretto Cream

    Panettone with Amaretto Cream
    Chiostro di Saronno

    From the masters of amaretto comes a sweet, almondy panettone that is classically Saronno. This classic holiday cake is filled with Amaretto macaroon flavored cream and coated with chocolate and amaretti cookie crumbles. A perfect dessert to share among friends and family. 

    $32.95 SALE $ 17.75 | 26.5 oz
  • Traditional Rustica Panettone di Milano

    Traditional Rustica Panettone di Milano
    Chiostro di Saronno

    Choistro's famous panettone wrapped elegant rustic paper. This holiday season, gather your family and friends around this traditional cake and enjoy the tastes of Lombardy.  

    $ 28.95 | 26.5 oz
  • Pandoro Classico

    Pandoro Classico
    Pasticceria Filippi

    A holiday favorite, pandoro is a sweet golden bread of the Veneto region. Filippi pandoro is naturally leavened and infused with fresh butter and natural vanilla Bourbon for a sweet flavor and luscious aroma. 

    $ 29.95 | 26.45 oz
  • Italian Holiday Collection | Set of 3

    Italian Holiday Collection | Set of 3
    Chiostro di Saronno

    Available only from DITALIA , this collection is a sample of the traditional holiday panettone cake, soft Amaretti di Saronno cookies, and almond Cantuccini from Chiostro di Saronno. A simple and sweet gift to say "thank you" this holiday season. 

    $19.95 SALE $ 9.95 | 3 Piece Set
  • Traditional Panettone

    Traditional Panettone
    Chiostro di Saronno

    The classic original. Chiostro di Saronno makes panettone according to old Lombard tradition. Flour, milk, eggs and butter are mixed with candied fruit and slowly leavened, creating a rich, fluffy cake.  

    $ 19.95 | 2 lbs
  • Amarena Black Cherry Panettone

    Amarena Black Cherry Panettone
    Pasticceria Filippi

    An exciting twist on a beloved classic. Candied sour cherries add a refreshing tartness to Filippi's traditional vanilla panettone. 

    $ 39.95 | 2.2 lbs
  • Orange Peel and Chocolate Panettone

    Orange Peel and Chocolate Panettone
    Pasticceria Filippi

    This sweet and fluffy bread is a holiday classic, especially around the Lombardy region. Domori single-origin chocolate and fresh candied oranges add a fragrant, fruity accent. 

    $ 38.95 | 2.2 lbs

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