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Italian Gift Baskets

With roots dating back as far as the 4th century BC, Italian is one of the world's leading cuisines thanks to its reputation for using only the very best ingredients and time-honored cooking techniques. The resulting dishes and products are among some of the best ever tasted, and Italian restaurants remain at the top of nearly everyone's list of favorite places to dine.

With 20 diverse culinary regions in Italy, the products and meals created can vastly differ from area to area. Tuscany, for example, is known for stuffed pastas like ravioli and tortelloni, and along the coast seafood is an important component of many dishes. Grilled meats are favored over other preparations, and hearty sauces are made with simple ingredients.

Campania, known as the home of pizza (originally created in Naples), favors meals with a robust layering of flavors. Pastas are a staple in Campania, and on the Amalfi Coast, freshly made pastas are combined with fish and seafood to create mouth-watering dishes.

There's plenty more to love about the food of Italy and Italian food lovers are everywhere, but not everyone can get to Italy to assuage their craving for a fabulous meal. That's what makes Italian food gift baskets so perfect; these baskets are filled with high-quality ingredients and products that will deliver a taste of Italy.

With items like extra virgin olive oil, artisanal pastas, organic Arborio rice to make risotto, extraordinary balsamic vinegar, and sought after sauces, Italian food gift baskets are a cherished gift.

Other Italian gift baskets, like the Assaggio di salumi basket, contain a selection of some of the best salami made in the country. Three generations of Italian-Americans have been creating Giovanni Volpi & Co.'s signature salamis from Old World techniques, and the results have chefs all over the country salivating. These Italian gift baskets make extraordinary holiday gifts.

For a truly personalized gift, build your own gift basket by selecting from the online store filled with tantalizing gourmet products. Olives, dips, cheeses, cured meats, pastas and rice, and espresso are just a few of the items that can fill a basket of your choice.

No matter if it is for a holiday or for no real reason at all, the next time you send a gift basket, make it an Italian gift basket which will delight everyone who gets to sample from it.
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