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Certified USDA Organic Balsamic
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NEW Certified USDA Organic Balsamic

(Bottega DITALIA) - 8.45 oz

When we visited Modena, Italy, in March of 2013, we set out to find a balsamic that we could proudly put our name on, and we found it. Little did we know that we would discover something far better than anything we have ever tasted, nor as close to tradizionale as you can get and organic. Our Balsamic is made from 80% Trebbiano must (note that tradizionale balsamic is made from 100% must), and 20% aged wine vinegar. If you are looking for a product that is certified USDA organic, pure, delicious, and a delightful marriage of sweet and slightly acidic (4% acidity as opposed to 6% for other balsamic that you may find), this is what we would wholeheartedly recommend.

It is great drizzled on fresh berries, ice creams, desserts, salads, asparagus, parmigiano-reggiano, in marinades, or on lamb or beef, the possibilities are endless.

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organic cooked grape must and organic wine vinegar