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Mostarda d'Uva
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Mostarda d'Uva

(Il Mongetto) - 7.7 oz

This harvest chutney, made by slow-boiling Barbera grapes, pears, figs, quince, pumpkin, and nuts, is served with polenta, cheeses, or meats.

Although the name suggests otherwise, this is not actually mustard, but rather, a "harvest chutney" made in traditional style by slow-boiling Barbera grapes, Martin pears, figs, quince, pumpkin, hazelnuts and walnuts for several hours in a copper pot to create an intensely-concentrated flavor. This Piedmontese delicacy, historically a poor mans harvest chutney, is traditionally served with polenta, cheeses, or meats. It's so astonishingly flavorful that you'll soon be experimenting with everything! Try it on vanilla ice-cream for a delicious and different taste sensation. In the Monferrato zone of Piemonte Italy, Roberto Santopietro and his family produce a line of vegetable and fruit-based condiments renowned throughout Italy as a standard for quality, regional authenticity, and poignancy of flavor.

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Wine must (53.53%), quinces, pumpkin, pears, apples, oranges, figs (1.79%), walnuts (0.90%), toasted hazelnuts (0.9%), spices, citrus fruits peels.
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