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Gran Pandoro Cake
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NEW Gran Pandoro Cake

(Maina) - 2.2 lb

Tall, distinctive and shaped like a Christmas tree, this beautiful cake is topped with powdered sugar reminiscent of snow, or a twinkling star. If cut horizontally, each slice is a star. Add a cream or sauces, such as mascarpone, champagne, melted chocolate or whipped cream to really top it off!

Pandoro (golden bread) emerged from Verona, Italy over a century ago. Pandoro adheres closely to the Venetian traditional holiday bread recipes. Pandoro, the "Golden Bread", is a delicacy that makes any moment golden, especially during the holidays.

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Wheat flour, Whole eggs, Butter, Sugar, Fructose, Natural yeast, Emulsifying agent: Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids, Cocoa butter, Skimmed milk powder, Salt, Flavors
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