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Zanzibar Classico Gianduia and Hazelnut Bar
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NEW Zanzibar Classico Gianduia and Hazelnut Bar

(Sperlari) - 8.8 oz

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One of Sperlari's specialties, along with a majority of most Piemontese chocolatiers, is the gianduia chocolate. Gianduia is simply hazelnuts and chocolate mixed together with careful ratios. Gianduia was born out of necessity during the Napoleonic Wars, when a halt imports made cacao nearly impossible to obtain. Piedmont chocolatiers decided to substitute their famous hazelnuts for some of cacao and thus Gianduia was born. Gianduia is still the signature confection of Piedmont and this gianduia bar with whole hazelnuts is a spectacular representation of the long tradition.

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