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Signature All-Inclusive Gift Box | Set of 7
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NEW Signature All-Inclusive Gift Box | Set of 7

(Lovera) - 7 Piece Set

The perfect all inclusive treat from Lovera's Famous Italian Market. A new and perfect gift just in time for the holidays.

*Contents of basket are listed under "Ingredients" tab below.

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The Lovera Signature All-Inclusive Gift Box includes:
• Fusco Artisan Fiori Pasta (1 lb)
• Lovera's Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce (25 oz)
• Lovera's Summer Sausage (5 oz)
• Lovera's Italian Salad Dressing (12 oz)
• Lovera's Meat Marinade (12 oz)
• Lovera Caciocavera Fresh (8 oz)
• Lovera's Garlic Basil Pesto (6 oz)