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Raw Organic Cherry Blossom Honey - 8.8 oz
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Raw Organic Cherry Blossom Honey - 8.8 oz

(ADI Apicoltura) - 8.8 oz

This subtle organic honey is made when Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom in Italy. It has a bold saffron hue and has gentle tones of red fruit and tea leaves. ADI Apicoltura jars this honey in its unfiltered, raw state to preserve its natural character. Try it with your favorite tea, pastries, or cheeses.

ADI Apicoltura
Located in Abruzzo, Italy, ADI Apicoltura is dedicated to producing the best organic, single blossom honeys. Inspired by the Italian tradition of traveling beekeeping, ADI Apicoltura seeks out distinctive blooms from the mountains of Piedmont to the southern coastal region of Calabria to produce its fine honeys and spreads.

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Italian raw cherry honey. Organic.
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