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Sea and Salt
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Sea and Salt

(Casina Rossa) - 3.5 oz

A robust yet skillfully-balanced blend of Italian sea salt with dried citrus, cardamom, sun-dried tomato, and premium-quality, Sicilian Bottarga (air-dried, top-quality Sicilian tuna roe). Its rich, slightly smoky flavor is brightened by exotic hints of citrus and cardamom, giving it a wide appeal.

- Unbeatable with sushi
- Sprinkled on grilled or sauteed seafood dishes
- With steamed vegetables such as cauliflower and zucchini
- A natural with potatoes!
- To brighten cottage cheese and fresh mozzarella
- Sprinkled over shrimp or dressing in shrimp salads
- Use on eggs and omelettes

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