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Fennel Trio Set - Fennel & Salt, Fennel Pollen, and Fennel Seed | Set of 3
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Fennel Trio Set - Fennel & Salt, Fennel Pollen, and Fennel Seed | Set of 3

(Casina Rossa) - 3 Piece Set

Specially created by Casina Rossa to highlight the popular fennel & salt, along with precious fennel pollen, and chef-friendly fennel seeds.

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Producer: Casina Rossa

Casina Rossa began as a way for Nicola and Paola DeLaurentiis to share their love of fine Italian cuisine. In short time, the husband-and-wife duo gained a reputation for quality and care that now extends to a full line of delicious products. From antipasti to olives to pomodoro, Casina Rossa represents the best of Italian craft.

Region: Abruzzo

Flanked by the Apennine mountains to the west and the Adriatic Sea to the east, Abruzzo is known for its lush verdure, thriving tourist industry and mild climate. It's cuisine is known to be some of the most diverse in Italy, informed by the traditions of inland farming communities and coastal fishing villages. The result is a welcoming melange of tastes and smells that make Abruzzo truly unique.

FENNEL & SALT: salt 90%, ( fennel seeds, black pepper, oregano, white pepper, laurel, grass pepper, curry fennel pollen, thyme, juniper, pimento, mustard) in varying quantity. FENNEL POLLEN: fennel pollen. FENNEL SEED: fennel seed.

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