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(Salume Beddu) - 6 oz

Nduja, pronounced "en-doo-ya", is a spicy spreadable pork sausage originating from the region of Calabria in Italy. Using 100% Berkshire pork, Nduja is cured in a casing, like regular salame, but it maintains a soft texture that is spreadable at room temperature.Try it on grilled bread, pasta dishes, sauces, pizza, vegetables and cooked beans. Sounds intriguing, right? You will definitely fall in love with this, just as we have.

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Producer: Salume Beddu

Salume Beddu is a small artisan company, dedicated to crafting Italian and European-Style cured meats, fresh sausages and regional Italian specialty foods. They pride themselves on using only the highest quality heritage Midwestern pork and the freshest spices. Each salami is crafted with care and slow cured to produce traditional tastes with a New World twist. As Salume Beddu likes to say, "We aren't doing it by hand to be stubborn. We just think it's better that way."

Region: USA

In the late 19th century, Italian families began to arrive in the United States by the hundreds of thousands. They brought with them memories and recipes from home, adding to an already rich culinary marketplace. Today, many of these early pioneers have passed their love for Italian cuisine on to a new generation. While times have changed, the recipe remains the same: traditional Italian favorites made the old fashioned way, with locally sourced ingredients hand-picked for flavor.

Pork, Spices, Sea Salt, Lactic Acid Starter.

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