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Rosemary and Sage Bruschette
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Rosemary and Sage Bruschette

(Lazzaroni) - 5.3 oz

Bruschette (plural for bruschetta) is a staple base for a simple and satisfying Italian snack or meal. The history behind bruschette is rooted deep in the traditions of old world farmers. Image for a moment, country farmers going out in the beginning of November for olive harvesting. With a fire going nearby, farmers, workers, friends and family gather around and toast thick slices of bread. Once the bread is browned and toasted, they rub it with fresh garlic and liberally drizzle first pressed olive oil over it and sprinkle with salt and pepper. In your kitchen, Lazzaroni Bruschette provides the base for any number of toppings. Bruschetta can begin a meal as an appetizer, just right for a quick late-night snack topped with leftovers, or can be served as the main course of a casual dinner.

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Producer: Lazzaroni

Housed in an ancient Franciscan monastery near the center of Saronno, Amaretti del Chiostro specializes in traditional products of the Lombardy region — from sweet Amaretto liqueurs to savory Amaretti cookies. Every del Chiostro confection is made with authentic Saronno amaretto by dedicated craftsmen, and we're positive you'll taste the difference in every bite.

Region: Lombardy

The Lombardy region and its principal city of Milan serve as Italy's art and fashion capital. Spanning over varied landscapes from the Swiss Alps to the Po Valley, Lombard cuisine is appreciably different from its counterparts to the south, featuring buttery and meaty dishes more common to Central Europe than the Mediterranean region.

Wheat Flour, Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3%), Salt, Yeast, Rosemary, Sage.
tasty flavor
Aug 29, 2015  |  By mary
good, as the rosemary was not overpowering
Great for snacks or salads
Jun 1, 2014  |  By Anne G.
This is the best flavor and tastes great with chevre or stilchester cheese. Use any crumbled pieces as croutons on your salad... yum!
Rosemary & Sage Bruschette
Dec 16, 2010  |  By Maria Parham
"This is very delicious and many toppings can be added for appetizers - roasted tomatoes, olives, cheese, salamis, etc. It is very light & toasty and can also be used in salads or crushed as toppings for potatoes and vegetables."

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