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Sicilian Style Sausage (Salsiccia) Mild
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Sicilian Style Sausage (Salsiccia) Mild

(Bottega DITALIA) - 16 oz

The Bottega DITALIA brand is our very own and represents our committment to preserving an authentic Italian gourmet experience. Never available commercially, we sourced one the finest sausage makers in the country to craft our family recipe exclusively for us. This recipe represents our family recipe for Sicilian style salsiccia "sausage" in all its purity. Crafted with the highest quality 100% fresh pork cuts, imported pecorino romano cheese, ground fennel, spices and imported Italian wine. All of this without the use of any fillers or preservatives! Our recipe for Italian sausage will definitely be enjoyed by you, the family and friends. You will notice that the label reads "with Cheese". Since our recipe includes a bit of grated imported pecorino romano cheese, the USDA instructed that the label must read like that. Enjoy it grilled, on a sandwich, with peppers and onions and sliced up in pasta. We actually use it on our pizza's too.

Since our family settled in America from Sicily in the early 1950's, we have always enjoyed the tradition of making fresh Sicilian style salsiccia "sausage". You would always know when the family was gathering to make fresh salsiccia because the aroma of fresh pork, wine, fennel, and other spices would fill our home. The matriarch "guardian of the recipe" of our family would mix in all of the ingredients with the fresh and lean pork, carefully telling all of us the secrets of the recipe of how and when to add the spices. After that it was up to the rest of the family to begin the grinding and running the sausage through the hand stuffing machine. It wouldn't be complete without taking some of the ground up salsiccia, frying up some sausage patties and celebrating the finished product with some homemade wine.

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Quality is excellent
Jun 21, 2014  |  By Robert Nash
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Simple online order proceedure. Placed order on a Friday; arrived on following Tuesday. Packaging was excellent; heavy insulated foil pouch, two cold packs, adequate paper stuffing. Quality of product (Sicilian Sausage with cheese is excellent.Loved it with spaghetti and meatballs this past week. As soon as we run out, we'll order more. We were previous Lovera customers, but they apparantly do not make the Sicilian anymore. Thanks for your excellent product.
Pork, Water, Salt, Spices, Fennel, Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese, Wine, Sugar