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Summer Sausage
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Summer Sausage

(Lovera) - 12 oz

The Lovera family has developed their own version of summer sausage. They begin with the best cuts of beef and pork. Then slowly smoke it with natural hickory providing a very clean smoked flavor. Liquid smoke or artificial flavorings are never used. Lovera's smoked sausage cannot be compared with any naturally smoked summer sausage on the market. It comes vacuumed packed to preserve its flavor and freshness. Try it for yourself, its ready to eat and shelf stable.

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Feb 5, 2013  |  By Gordon Baker
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"I had the opportunity to buy summer sausage and cheese to make a snack tray for a family get together awhile back. Incredibly tasty, it outshone the main dishes! I would highly recommend these products!"