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Asiago Pressato
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Asiago Pressato

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Asiago Pressato, also referred to as Asiago Fesco, is the youngest version of the Asiago cheeses. Cows from the Veneto region of Italy graze on lush mountain grass producing sweet, flavorful milk for the production of this DOP Asiago. It is classified as an Italian DOP cheese, meaning that it is protected by government standards regarding where the cheese is produced and the techniques used in the production. Asiago Pressato is a soft, sweet, lightly tangy and buttery cheese with a springy, pale interior. Made from pasteurized whole milk and aged only for 20 to 40 days, this young cheese has a full, creamy flavor. We suggest enjoying Pressato with crusty Italian bread or try it with some of our marmalades, jams and honeys.

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