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Acacia Honey
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Acacia Honey

(Mieli Thun) - 8.8 oz

Mieli Thun Acacia Honey is extracted from the Trentino region of Italy. Produced in May, it is a delicate and much sought after honey. The texture is runny and when produced naturally, has a straw-yellow color. It has delicate flavors of sugared almond and vanilla. It does not crystallize easily due to its high concentration of fructose, which also means that it is great for cooking with as it will blend well with other liquids. This honey can be eaten on its own by the spoonful, used as a spread, paired with fresh and soft cheeses, cakes and desserts, and quite lovely when added to tea. In 1992, Andrea Paternoster took over the family business from his grandfather with much determination and passion to expand the business and the honey catchment areas beyond the Trentino region. Andrea's dream is to capture the unique essence of each variety of flower in a series of single-blossom honeys. Taking his bees with him, he travels all over Italy following the flowering seasons of dozens of different types of flowers. Andrea told us that his art is about being in harmony with his bees and having a skill for timing and sensitivity. But the skill goes into the extraction of the honey, which is all done without pasteurization or any additives. Each varietal of honey is special as the fragrance and flavor of each flower species is captured in the honey.

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Jun 9, 2014  |  By J Corsini
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Not only was I thrilled you carry Mieli Thun Honey as it was showcased in a magazine article and wanted to try it, it was far less the king's ransom the wholesaler listed in the article quoted for it. By the way, I love your packaging; not only is it practically and thoughtfully packed, the textured paper you use is as eye appealing as the varying items in the box are appetizing and delicious to eat!
Acacia honey