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Orange Blossom Honey
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Orange Blossom Honey

(Rigoni di Asiago) - 10.58 oz

This Organic Orange Blossom honey is collected from bee colonies in Calabria and Sicily, two coastal towns full of fragrant orange trees. This honey has a delicate, crystalized texture with subtle notes of sugared almonds and orange peel. Rigoni di Asiago bottles this honey raw to preserve its natural flavors and nutrients. It is well suited for a breakfast spread or to sweeten tea.

Rigoni di Asiago
The Rigoni family has created fine organic honeys since 1992. To create honey that is both tasty and nutritious, Rigoni keeps its hives far away from urban pollution and intensively farmed areas. The Rigonis bottle their honey raw using very low temperatures, preserving each honey as nature intended.

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Organic Italian orange honey
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