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Truffle and Acacia Honey
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Truffle and Acacia Honey

(Sabatino Tartufi) - 4.5 oz

To make this special honey, Sabatino pairs Acacia Honey with savory black truffles. This infused honey has a beautiful golden amber color and full-bodied flavor. Try pairing it with salty cheeses and cured meats, or enjoy it alone with crusty bread. For an inventive spin on dessert, serve atop a plain slice of cheesecake.

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Producer: Sabatino Tartufi

Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina began their first "Emporium" in 1911, in the green hills of Umbria. The couple tool great pride in their work, delivering fresh products straight from farm to store. As the years went on they grew more adventurous in their offerings, eventually expanding into the truffle business. Today, Sabatino Tartufi is renowned for its unparalleled selection and quality truffle products, from salt and zest to honeys and more.

Region: Umbria

The Umbria region is often referred to as "Italy's green heart," and it's easy to see why. Its lush meadows and valleys are dotted with lively medieval villages, where farmers and artisans from across the region come to sell unique products like the Umbrian white truffle.

acacia honey, white truffle, flavour
May 19, 2010  |  By Christopher
"I didn't think I could find a more sweet and complex flavor than this truffle honey. I put it on everything- toast, fruit, even in chicken glazes. Positively wonderful!"

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