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Bianco Lemon Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)
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Bianco Lemon Drinking Balsamic (Italian Aperitif Concentrate)

(Ritrovo Selections) - 16.8 oz

Bevivo is a concentrated blend of Italian balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and freshly-pressed juice. Defined as a drinking balsamic, Bevivo is the first drink of its type in the world with the following characteristics:
Flavor: Refreshing, fruity, balanced flavor
High-quality: 100% natural, Italian ingredients
Convenience: Splash over ice and water, sparkling water, mixer or spirit of your choice for instant refreshment
Versatility: Useable in a variety of mixers and spirits, with both before and after dinner drinks, and in aperitifs
Concentrated: Pay for product, not water
Economical: Saves refrigerator space (one 16.8 oz. bottle makes 2 quarts or more of Bevivo)
Health: Great for digestive system
Diet: Naturally low in calories; no GMO ingredients / biproducts; no salt

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apple cider vinegar, grape must, balsamic vinegar, cherry juice.
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