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Pomegranate Blood Orange Syrup
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Pomegranate Blood Orange Syrup

(Feudo delle Ginestre) - 7.7 oz

Wow! As soon as we tasted this product, we couldn't wait to make it available to our customers. With the pomegranate season in full swing in Italy, this incredible syrup has just been delivered.

It is simply a reduction of pomegranate and blood orange juice and then lightly sweetened. In its simplest applications, you can try it drizzled over ice cream or yogurt or as a topping to waffles and pancakes. But we think that it is much more versatile than the obvious uses. It is perfect stirred into a pan sauce for any meat or game! We also think that this specialty is a perfect ingredient to add to any salad vinaigrette. Try it on toasted bread, soft and hard cheeses and even drizzle over some plain cookies.

Get it while you can! Only 5000 jars are produced a year.

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Item Number: SFS-107
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Pomegranate juice 80%, with blood oragne 10% sugar apple pectin.
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