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Vanilla Pizzelle
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Vanilla Pizzelle

(Di Nonna) - 7 oz

The word pizzelle means, loosely, small, flat, and round in Italian. These waffle-type cookies are made by pouring batter between the two plates of an iron, which is then held over a fire or heated electrically. Pizzelle were first made in the south-central area of Abruzzi (now the Region of Abruzzo) in the 8th century. Two small towns each claim to have originated the treat, which are featured in their yearly festivals.

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Producer: Di Nonna

Di Nonna was started in 1985 with the goal of bringing traditional recipes to a new audience. Their old fashioned Pizzelle cookies are made by the time honored Abruzzan method, to deliver a buttery and flaky goodness.

Region: Canada

On the northern edge of the Apennines is the region of Emilia-Romagna. The region enjoys a rich and ancient history, accentuated by the vibrant capital city of Bologna. The spiritual home of parmesan cheese, prosciutto, and traditional aged balsamic vinegar, Emilia-Romagna is home to some of Italy's most treasured culinary traditions.

flour, sugar, liquid whole egg, canola oil, soya lecithin, vanilla flavor, caramel, baking powder, salt.

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