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Croccoli "Crunchy Hazelnut Cookies"
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Croccoli "Crunchy Hazelnut Cookies"

(Corsini) - 7.05 oz

The Corsini family bakery opened in 1921 with a wood-burning oven in heart of Tuscany with a simple mission of creating authentic pastries without ever sacrificing the quality of ingredients and making sure that they would always be bound by the Tuscan tradition of baking.

"Croccoli" are a typical and traditional Tuscan cookie. Corsini still produces these specialties following the rules and recipe of Tuscan tradition. Using 50% of the finest quality hazelnut along another 50% other selected ingredients, these can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or a glass of dessert wine.

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hazelnuts (50%), sugar, egg white, rising leavening agent: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, natural vanilla