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Cranberry Cantuccini
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Cranberry Cantuccini

(Corsini) - 7.05 oz

The Corsini family has taken Italy's most famous biscuit and put a new modern twist to their original recipe with the addition Craberries. As soon as you try this cantuccini, you will discover the quality of the ingredients along with the delicacy of red cranberry.

The Corsini family bakery opened in 1921 with a wood-burning oven in heart of Tuscany with a simple mission of creating authentic pastries without ever sacrificing the quality of ingredients and making sure that they would always be bound by the Tuscan tradition of baking.

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Wheat flour, sugar, cranberry 21% (cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil), eggs, butter, egg yolk, milk, honey, rising leavening agents:ammonium hydrogen carbonate, salt, natural flavors