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Vialone Nano Rice
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Vialone Nano Rice

(Gli Aironi) - 2.2 lb

The heart of European rice production in Vercelli, Piemonte is where the Perinotti family has been dedicated to rice cultivation for five generations. Michele Perinotti, the fifth generation Perinotti in charge of the farm, is passionate when it comes to selecting his rice, packaging it and making sure the quality is the very best when it is presented at our tables. Vialone Nano is a "semifino". It has a round, half-long grain ("nano" means "dwarf"), with central wide pearl and can absorb twice its own grain weight in liquid condiment. For this reason it is the ideal rice for true creamy risotto with vegetables, mushrooms and meats. What makes each and every rice from Gli Aironi so special is that the stone craft husking guarantees the lightest shelling, thus keeping the nutrients contained in the outermost layer of each grain in tact. These nutrients are what gives the rice its taste and texture.

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