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Heirloom Controne "No Soak" Beans
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Heirloom Controne "No Soak" Beans

(Michele Ferrante) - 10 oz

With its rich, volcanic soil and stable climate, the Cilento area of Campania is an Eden for agriculture. It is also home to the village of Controne and its prized heirloom bean, registered by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and revered for its tremendous flavor as well as its nutritional value, it tender "no soak" skin, and its ease of cooking. Michele Ferrante is a true agricoltore or small farmer who was invited to the 2006 edition of the Terra Madre event in Torino for small farmers of the world. He is dedicated to cultivating the Controne bean and to preserving the farming traditions of his home region.

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Producer: Michele Ferrante

Michael Ferrante's farm is located in the town of Controne, in the heart of Cilento. Since the early 80s, he has pursued his passion of reviving the traditional farming techniques and native crops of the past, while restoring his fields to their natural beauty. What results are beans, chickpeas, grass peas and peppers of exceptional quality, raised organically to provide exceptional nutritional value and memorable flavor.

Region: Campania

The Campania region evokes images of ancient ruins and dramatic seaside views. The landscape is punctuated by the towering figure of Mt. Vesuvius, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and scenic capital of Naples. Famous for its Neapolitan pizza, Campania is widely known for its fresh vegetables, pasta, and cheeses.

Controne beans
volcanic beans
Jun 3, 2014  |  By todd k shepard

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