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Lime Tree "Tiglio" Honey
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Lime Tree "Tiglio" Honey

(Mieli Thun) - 8.8 oz

Mieli Thun honey is produced in Trentino, a region of Italy know for its valleys full of flowers. Their Lime Tree "Tiglio" honey is produced at the end of June, when bees pollinate fragrant Tiglio Lime trees. This is an opaque, crystallized honey with golden yellow and amber accents. This slightly citrusy honey goes well with herbal teas and as a glaze for chicken breasts.

Mieli Thun
In 1992, Andrea Paternoster inherited the family business from his grandfather, excited to continue Mieli Thun's tradition of creating unique honeys inspired by nature. Andrea travels across Italy year-round with his bees, allowing them to pollinate with plants as they begin to bloom. Through this special process, Mieli Thun honeys capture the unique aromatic character of single flowers.

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