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Sardinia Pecorino Gran Cru
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Sardinia Pecorino Gran Cru

(Academia Barilla) - 1 lb

The Gran Cru is a newcomer on the cheese scene building on a long tradition of Sardinian pecorinos. Its exquisite taste comes from a combination of three elements: the richness of Sardinian sheep's milk, production process based on the Parmigiano method, and 20 months of aging (a typical pecorino is aged 4 to 6 months). The use of the Parmigiano maturation method better preserves and accentuates the characteristic flavors of Sardinian milk. Featuring a noble structure and firm texture, it surprises by the complexity of its aromas and the sweet undertones of fresh milk.

Aroma and flavor: Fragrant, with notes of herbs and wild Sardinian flowers. It is sweet, delicate, with bouquet of fresh sheep milk and meadow herbs.

Texture: medium-firm, it makes both cubes and juicy flakes.

Serving suggestions
The Gran Cru is perfect when eaten alone, or it can be complemented by a drop of aromatic honey or a glass of robust red wine.

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Not as pictured
Dec 16, 2010  |  By Dan Di Carlo
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I bought this as a gift and thought it would come with the nice label as pictured. It doesn't. It came in a few plain shrink-wrapped pieces. Otherwise OK.