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Assaggio di Salumi Gift Basket | Set of 10
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Assaggio di Salumi Gift Basket | Set of 10

(DITALIA) -  each

Some of the best salami made in the United States is made right here in St. Louis. At Volpi, three generations of accomplished salumieri have been producing domestic salami from authentic, regional Italian recipes since the early 1900's. A combination of the best ingredients, old-world techniques and recipes, and slow aging gives Volpi salami its distinctive Italian flavor.

*Contents of basket are listed under "Ingredients" tab below.

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The DITALIA Assaggio di Salumi Gift Basket includes:
• Lazzaroni Bruschette Classic w/Olive Oil (5.3 oz)
• Volpi Chianti Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Pinot Grigio Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Rose Wine Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Romano Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Hot Sopressata Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Genova Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Sopressata Salami (8 oz)
• Volpi Aged Asiago Salami (6 oz)
• Volpi Parmesan Salami (6 oz)