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Sicilian Cannoli Kit with Shells, Cream Filling, and Amarena Cherries | Set of 4
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Sicilian Cannoli Kit with Shells, Cream Filling, and Amarena Cherries | Set of 4

(DITALIA) - 4 Piece Set

We're excited to present this exclusive, ready-to-fill cannoli kit! The set features 30 miniature Sicilian cannoli shells (15 chocolate enrobed + 15 classic). Freshly baked by the famous Leone Cannolificio in San Giuseppe, Sicily. Fill these shells with a chocolate chip cannoli cream and garnish with a jar of classic Fabbri Amarena Cherries. Perfect for dinner parties and special get-togethers!

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Producer: DITALIA

DITALIA has been curating fine Italian food since 1987. Through family and friends back in Italy, we've met hundreds of individuals dedicated to the craft of traditional Italian cuisine. It is our pleasure to share their products and their stories with you.

Region: Sicily

The largest of Italy's twenty provinces and the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily sits just off the "toe" of Italy's boot. Monuments the island's rich history abound, from the famed Valley of the Temples to the immaculate Byzantine mosaics at Cappella Palatina. The cuisine here claims a number of influences from across the Mediterranean world -- Greek, Spanish, French and Arab have all at one point inhabited the island, infusing it with their respective culinary traditions.

Leone Cannolificio Classic Miniature Cannoli Shells
These famous Sicilian cannoli shells are handmade in small batches, with rich chocolate mixed into the dough.

Leone Cannolificio Chocolate Enrobed Miniature Cannoli Shells
These famous Sicilian cannoli shells are handmade in small batches, covered in chocolate, and have rich chocolate mixed into the dough.

Cannoli Cream Filling with Chocolate Bits
Subtly sweet with a silky texture. Semi-sweet chocolate bits add a special touch!

Fabbri Amarena Cherries (8 oz)
Luscious dark red, tart cherries are from the Emilia-Romagna province. Jarred in a rich syrup made from their own juices.
Apr 26, 2017  |  By joan
Sent to my nephew in Virginia, originally from the Chicago area and longing for some cannoli. He said they were wonderful, reminded him of what he use to get from an Italian bakery in Chicago.
Feb 22, 2017  |  By Kirby Bowling
Tasted like they were fresh made! Plus they were fun for the kids :-)
Sicilian Cannolis
Jan 7, 2017  |  By Philip Caropreso
The Sicilian Cannoli kit is wonderful, and it makes eating the delicious cannolis at home easy. I am enjoying these treats daily. I recommend them without reservation and I thank Ditalia and the DiPiazza family for making the experience possible.
Feb 1, 2016  |  By Pw
I wish I could find someone who was still making the filling with citron and not chocolate chips
My order: cannoli's
Jan 19, 2016  |  By Amy
Unfortunately, the cannoli shells arrived in pieces. Which in turn changed my plans for serving cannoli at my event.
Dec 29, 2015  |  By Melody Perkins
I ordered these desserts for Xmas day wondering if I had overstepped my abilities with this kind of dessert. I was wrong as they were soo easy to prepare, perfect in size with all the fixings ready for me. I lived in Sicily and this is one of the things I miss most about it. Now, I can enjoy my dessert with Memories anytime I want. PS. Packaging and delivery was right on time and in wonderful condition.

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