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Fig Balsamic Blaze
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Fig Balsamic Blaze

(Acetum) - 12 oz

Due to the success of the original Acetum Blaze, the first commercially available Balsamic Glaze, the Acetum Company from Modena, Italy, has launched a complete line of Balsamic Glazes with unique flavors. Acetum Fig Blaze is ideal for decorating and flavoring, well, just about anything that you can prepare on the grill. Chefs have always used a balsamic glaze to finish their plates and flavor their dishes, but lets face it, few of us home cooks have the time or patience to prepare it at home. When you reduce good Balsamic Vinegar, the result is a concentrated flavor with a syrupy consistency. The difficult part of the process is the actual time for the reduction process. Well, the hard work is done for you with this special Acetum Glaze. Acetum Blazes are a perfect condiment to use to get your children to try vegetables or any other food. Vince Jr., Ditalia's owner, gives his daughter Balsamic Blaze to dip her vegetables, bread, meats, fish and chicken. Vince's daughter rarely asks for ketchup anymore! This is a perfect condiment to open up the gourmet world and unique flavors to children!

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Balsamic vinegar of Modena 77%, sugar, dehydrated glucose syrup, fig puree 5%, modified starch, xantan gum stabilizer, natural flavour