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Pappardelle w/ Chili Pepper
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Pappardelle w/ Chili Pepper

(Marco Giacosa) - 8.8 oz

In his small workshop in Alba Italy, Marco Giacosa reinterprets the gastronomic delights of the past to produce all types of pasta, evoking the fragrances of nature and the flavors of home-made products. Pappardelle is a wider version (10 mm) of the common tagliatelle and is excellent with a duck meat sauce, as suggested on package, or with cardoons, anchovies and "Mascarpone".

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Producer: Marco Giacosa

From his small workshop in Alba, Marco Giacosa reinterprets traditional recipes to create pasta that reflects the vibrancy of piemontese cuisine. Every batch of pasta introduces new ingredients inspired by the diverse vegetation of Piedmont, delivering an experience that fresh, fun, and flavorful every time.

Region: Piedmont

The Piedmont region sits at the foot of the alps, bordering France and Switzerland. Its soaring mountains and rolling plains are home to some of Italy's most beloved cuisine, from egg-rich pastas to rich, salty cured meats. While food culture here is rooted in tradition, new and exciting variations are always just around the corner.

Durum Wheat Semolina, "00" Soft Wheat Flour, Eggs, Chili Pepper 1%, Tarragon 0.5%

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