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Amaretti di Saronno Window Box
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Amaretti di Saronno Window Box

(Lazzaroni) - 7 oz

Amaretti di Saronno cookies are perfect to have with coffee, fine wine and after dinner liqeurs. According to legend, almost three centuries ago, the Cardinal of Milan unexpectedly visited the town of Saronno in Italy. To honor him, two young lovers, Giuseppe and Osolina, quickly baked up a mixture of sugar, apricot kernels, and egg whites, creating crisp, airy cookies with an unusual bittersweet flavor which they wrapped in pairs to symbolize their love. The Cardinal was delighted and blessed the young couple, who married and lived happily ever after. Since 1718 this ancient and secret recipe has been preserved by the Lazzaroni family. Unwrap a legend and begin your own happy ending.

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Producer: Lazzaroni

Housed in an ancient Franciscan monastery near the center of Saronno, Amaretti del Chiostro specializes in traditional products of the Lombardy region — from sweet Amaretto liqueurs to savory Amaretti cookies. Every del Chiostro confection is made with authentic Saronno amaretto by dedicated craftsmen, and we're positive you'll taste the difference in every bite.

Region: Lombardy

The Lombardy region and its principal city of Milan serve as Italy's art and fashion capital. Spanning over varied landscapes from the Swiss Alps to the Po Valley, Lombard cuisine is appreciably different from its counterparts to the south, featuring buttery and meaty dishes more common to Central Europe than the Mediterranean region.

Sugar, apricot kernels(20%), egg white. May contain traces of soybean, tree nuts, wheat flour. Free range egg.
Dec 11, 2016  |  By Toni
The cookies were delicious! Was planning on putting them out for Christmas guests but they did not last. :)
Nov 5, 2016  |  By Carroll
I had forgotten how good these little cookies are! Truly worthwhile and delicious.
Aug 20, 2015  |  By ML Vallano
Fantastic service!
these are divine!
May 19, 2010  |  By Barbara
"I love the crunchy, airiness of Lazzaroni amaretti cookies. They are divine eaten alone, or used in recipes. Being individually wrapped, its a true gift every time I enjoy one!"
best cookies!
May 14, 2010  |  By Sam
"Lazzaroni amaretti cookies are the best Italian cookies you can find. My family loves these treats, and Ditalia is one of the only places I can find them!"

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