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Amarettini Tall Party Tin
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Amarettini Tall Party Tin

(Lazzaroni) - 14 oz

For almost three centuries, way up in Lombardy near the Swiss border, the Lazzaroni family has been producing these simple, unique biscuits.

Made from just three ingredients, egg whites, sugar and a generous helping of apricot kernels, it is the last of these that adds an edge of refreshing ‘almond like' bitterness to the crispy crunchy texture. The elegance of these biscuits, formed from such simple ingredients, is incredible.

The Amarettini are smaller single bite sized pieces packaged in Lazzaroni's famous red-and-orange gift tin.

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Sugar, Apricot Kernels (20%), Free Range Egg White. May contain traces of soybeans, tree nuts, wheat flour.