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Hand Formed Madeline Caciocavera
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Hand Formed Madeline Caciocavera

(Lovera's) - 8 oz

Named in Honor of cheesemaker Sam Lovera's mother Madeline, this Caciocavera is the culmination of over 20 years of cheesemaking experience. Combining the rich, buttery goodness of Jersey cow's milk with the piquant caramel notes of sheep's milk makes this Madeline Caciocavera full flavored! Each cheese is hand-formed, bathed in saltwater, then individually tied with twine and hung to cure. Madeline is pushing the boundaries of sophistication and complexity in the world of stretched curd cheeses. Like all of Lovera's cheeses, Madeline uses only hormone and pesticide free milk.

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Producer: Lovera's

For over sixty years Lovera's has been hand-crafting Italian specialities for the midwest and beyond. In addition to their award winning, hand-formed cheeses, Lovera's is proud to provide authentic Italian olive oil, baked goods, pasta and many other specialties. We invite you to experience this one-of-a-kind family tradition for yourself.

Region: USA

In the late 19th century, Italian families began to arrive in the United States by the hundreds of thousands. They brought with them memories and recipes from home, adding to an already rich culinary marketplace. Today, many of these early pioneers have passed their love for Italian cuisine on to a new generation. While times have changed, the recipe remains the same: traditional Italian favorites made the old fashioned way, with locally sourced ingredients hand-picked for flavor.

Grade A raw Jersey cow milk, and East Fresian sheep milk, salt, rennet, cheese cultures.

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