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Espresso Natura (Organic and Fair Trade) Beans
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Espresso Natura (Organic and Fair Trade) Beans

(Miscela D'Oro) - 2.2 lbs

Miscela d'Oro offers what no other Italian Espresso companies can today: an espresso carrying both Fair Trade and Organic certifications. This premium epsresso, unlike most of Italy's other Fair Trade Organic espresso's, which typically feature 100% arabica beans, is a blend of premium arabica and also robusta beans. The high demand for double-certified arabica makes that type of green coffee fairly simple to source, but achieving a flavor that creates a longer, more complex finish requires the addition of robusta beans, which is unique to the Miscela d'Oro double certified espresso. Natura is aromatic, with a smooth, yet complex flavor. Perfect for all espresso and coffee brewing methods. Comes in a large 2.2lb. vacuum sealed bag with a freshness valve.

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Premium blend of roasted whole coffee beans, Italian taste.