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"De-Stoned" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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"De-Stoned" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(Il Molino ) - 17 oz

The Il Molino Farm is a splendor in and of itself. The 18th century farm in Tuscia, the northern part of Lazio, adheres to organic farming standards. With an olive oil press on site, the olives from the land are harvested and brought to the mill within 6 hours for pressing. What comes next is what makes this oil so special. The olives are de-stoned, then the oil is extracted. Removing the pits from the olive before pressing make this mono-varietal Frantoio olive oil a healthier option compared to most other olive oils using traditional methods of pressing. Removing the pits from olives before pressing increase polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol and decrease acidity. The result is a emerald green color that is fruity with a good peppery finish. It also has subtle hints of herbs and fresh grass without an aggressive bite.

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