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Chinotto - (6 pack, 6oz bottles)
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Chinotto - (6 pack, 6oz bottles)

(San Pellegrino) -  each

San Pellegrino Chinotto was created in the early 50s. A beverage with an unmistakable slightly bitter taste, is entirely made from Sicilian high-quality Chinotto oranges, grown at the foot of the Etna volcano (chinotto is a small bitter citrus fruit similar to an orange, giving an extraordinary distinctive bitter/sweet taste)

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Producer: San Pellegrino

The San Pellegrino company was founded in 1899 in San Pellegrino Terme, Bergamo. From its earliest years, the company strove to immerse its patrons in the full, authentic Italian experience. It's bath houses in Bergamo were world renowned, and its grand hotel and casino attracted curious travelers from across the continent. Over one billion bottles later, the San Pellegrino name remains synonymous with distinctive taste, attention to detail, and a character that is unmistakably Italian.

Region: Lombardy

The Lombardy region and its principal city of Milan serve as Italy's art and fashion capital. Spanning over varied landscapes from the Swiss Alps to the Po Valley, Lombard cuisine is appreciably different from its counterparts to the south, featuring buttery and meaty dishes more common to Central Europe than the Mediterranean region.

Contains no juice. Water, sugar, natural carbon dioxide, caramel color, natural flavors, citric acid, chinotto citrus extract, trisodium citrate, salt, L-ascorbic acid
Delicious refreshment
Nov 30, 2016  |  By michele
I love Chinotto and it's great to be able to order it online. I love the flavor; it is a bit of an acquired taste as it is slightly bitter but it is very refreshing. Price is reasonable. Only negative (hence the four stars) is that the bottles are small so you don't get to drink a whole lot of it. Still, it's my favorite soda!!
Oct 22, 2012  |  By ann
"Enjoyed this fresh tasting soda. Don't usualy drink pop, but this is a nice change."

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