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Organic Toasted Fregola Sarda Wheat Pasta
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NEW Organic Toasted Fregola Sarda Wheat Pasta

(Fior di Maella) - 17.6 oz

Stemming from from the Latin word fricare, meaning "to crumble," this bead-like pasta is versatile, easy to cook, and absolutely delicious. Fregola pasta can be served "dry" or "creamy" and is a delightful accompaniment to vegetables, seafood broths, and meat ragus. Add it to your dinner routine and it'll surely become a pantry staple!

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Producer: Fior di Maella

Five generations of the Di Crescenzo family have made Fior Di Maiella the renown production it is today. With passion and respect for traditional preparation, they use genuine ingredients to create new and exciting combinations of the best aromatic herbal mixtures. Located at the foot of the Maiella Mountain, in Guardiagrele, Italy, they use exclusively natural ingredients from to create delicious and enticing pantry staples.

Region: Sardinia

Situated in the Mediterranean sea, the picturesque island of Sardinia enjoys over 1200 miles of coastline and stunning mountain vistas. The island is also characterized by linguistic, cultural, and culinary traditions distinct from those of the mainland. The diet here is rich in beans of all sort -- including fava, lupine, and chickpeas -- and the wafer-thin traditional bread "carasu."

organic durum wheat semolina, squid ink, water

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