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1882 Decaffeinated Espresso
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1882 Decaffeinated Espresso

(Caffe Vergnano) - 8 oz

Caffe Vergnano is an Italian company, based in Torino, with a long and prestigious history. Founded in 1882, when Domenico Vergnano, forefather of the present family, established his business opening a small grocery in the medieval city of Chieri situated at the foot of the hills surrounding Turin. The shop soon started to specialize in the roasting and sale of coffee, defining the Vergnano family's true vocation. A vocation nourished by courageous decisions, such as the purchase in the 30's of a coffee plantation in Kenya. In Italy, business grew rapidly with the establishment of the first three warehouses in Turin, Alba, and Chierie.

Vergnano Espresso is a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, with an emphasis and value placed in Quality. The top of the Vergnanos range also comes decaffeinated. With a delicate flavor and rounded aroma, Vergnano Arabica is a finely balanced product created from the slow roasting of nine of the finest Arabica varieties. Ideal for evening use. The fine grinding of Vergnano Arabica Espresso makes it perfect for use with domestic espresso machines. Packing in a protective atmosphere keeps it fresh and extends its shelf life.

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Ground Arabica coffee
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