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1882 Espresso (Fine Grind)
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1882 Espresso (Fine Grind)

(Caffe Vergnano) - 8 oz

Vergnano Espresso is a perfect mix of tradition and innovation, with an emphasis and value placed in Quality. With a delicate flavor and smooth aroma, Vergnano 100% Arabica (the most prestigious type of coffee) is a finely balanced product created from the slow roasting of only the very best varieties of Arabica from Central and South America. The fine grinding of Vergnano Arabica Espresso makes it perfect for use with domestic espresso machines. Packing in a protective atmosphere keeps it fresh and extends its shelf life.

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Producer: Caffe Vergnano

A fourth-generation family business, Caffè Vergnano has grown from a small apothecary in the foothills of Turin to one of Italy's most respected names in coffee. All Vergnano coffee start life on the family's historic farm in Kenya, then travel to Piedmont for final roasting. Vergnano prides itself on making coffee the right way — from seed to cup.

Region: Piedmont

The Piedmont region sits at the foot of the alps, bordering France and Switzerland. Its soaring mountains and rolling plains are home to some of Italy's most beloved cuisine, from egg-rich pastas to rich, salty cured meats. While food culture here is rooted in tradition, new and exciting variations are always just around the corner.

Finely ground Arabica coffee
Vergnano Espresso
Jul 9, 2014  |  By Amy Sweeney
I love having my morning espresso. Vergnano is smooth and soft, which is a joy. There is no acidic bite.

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