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Sliced Capocolla - 4 oz
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Sliced Capocolla - 4 oz

(Volpi) - 4 oz

Capocolla originated from the sunny region of Campania. Volpi Capocolla, true to tradition, slow roasts this whole pork shoulder and then is surrounded with red pepper for an extra spicy twist.

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Producer: Volpi

In 1900, John Volpi arrived in America from his home in Milan, Italy. Longing for the vibrant tastes of his homeland, John founded Volpi foods in 1902. From his small storefront in St. Louis, John delivered authentic Italian cuisine to a new audience. Today, the Volpi continues to live out John's dream, supplying Americans across the country with fine Italian fare made from exceptional ingredients.

Region: USA

In the late 19th century, Italian families began to arrive in the United States by the hundreds of thousands. They brought with them memories and recipes from home, adding to an already rich culinary marketplace. Today, many of these early pioneers have passed their love for Italian cuisine on to a new generation. While times have changed, the recipe remains the same: traditional Italian favorites made the old fashioned way, with locally sourced ingredients hand-picked for flavor.

Pork Shoulder, Salt, Dextrose, Spices, Paprika, Sodium nitrite
Excellent product!!
May 7, 2016  |  By Gabrielle Pound
My hubby's first taste of capacolla and it's a marriage for sure., Delicious!
Dec 22, 2011  |  By Kate Kinsey
"Bought some of this for pizzas, LOVED IT!!! Nice spice."
The best tasting Deli meat
Oct 14, 2009  |  By Brian Fitzpatrick
I can rarely find Capocolla in any of the Grocery Stores here in Charlotte and when I do its usually the Sweet kind. The Hot is the Best and I ordered 6 pakages from Ditlaia and got them in 2 days in a cooler with Ice packs. The Volpi brand is as good as or better than any I've ever tasted and I've been eating Capocolla for 35 years. The 4oz packs for $2.99 are bigger than the 3oz packs for $6.99 packs that I buy at the grocery store. (when I can find it). I'm back at the website to order a whole 5lb chunk of the Hot Capocolla. I'm very happy I found this store.

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