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Holiday Specialties Holiday Specialties
Oil & Vinegar
Wine Vinegar Wine Vinegar
Balsamic Balsamic
Infused Oil Infused Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Game Day
Sweets Sweets
Antipasti Starters Antipasti Starters
Perfect Pairings + Sets Perfect Pairings + Sets
Charcuterie Favorites Charcuterie Favorites
Cheese Cheese
Desserts Desserts
Sicilian Cannoli Kit with Shells, Cannoli Cream Filling and Amarena CherriesSicilian Cannoli Kit with Shells, Cannoli Cream Filling and Amarena Cherries /> <a href=Sicilian Cannoli Kit with Shells, Cannoli Cream Filling and Amarena Cherries
Di Nonna Chocolate Pizzelle - 7ozDi Nonna Chocolate Pizzelle - 7oz /> <a href=Di Nonna Chocolate Pizzelle - 7oz
Leone Cannoli Siciliani - 15 Count (6 oz)Leone Cannoli Siciliani - 15 Count (6 oz) /> <a href=Leone Cannoli Siciliani - 15 Count (6 oz)
Di Nonna Lemon Pizzelle - 7ozDi Nonna Lemon Pizzelle - 7oz /> <a href=Di Nonna Lemon Pizzelle - 7oz
Leone Cannoli Siciliani Leone Cannoli Siciliani  Leone Cannoli Siciliani "Chocolate Enrobed" - 15 count (6oz)
Di Nonna Anise Pizzelle - 7ozDi Nonna Anise Pizzelle - 7oz /> <a href=Di Nonna Anise Pizzelle - 7oz
Di Nonna Vanilla Pizzelle - 7ozDi Nonna Vanilla Pizzelle - 7oz /> <a href=Di Nonna Vanilla Pizzelle - 7oz
Di Nonna Maple Pizzelle - 7ozDi Nonna Maple Pizzelle - 7oz /> <a href=Di Nonna Maple Pizzelle - 7oz
Cookies Cookies
Jams + Honey Jams + Honey
Chocolate + Candy Chocolate + Candy
Father's Day
Grilling Essentials Grilling Essentials
Perfect Pairings + Sets Perfect Pairings + Sets
Customize Your Own Gift Customize Your Own Gift
Lovera's Handcrafted Foods
Spices + Rubs + Marinades Spices + Rubs + Marinades
Sauce Sauce
Olives Olives
Marinated Vegetables Marinated Vegetables
Artisan Cheese Artisan Cheese
Sausage Sausage
Oil + Vinegar + Dressings Oil + Vinegar + Dressings
Lovera Handcrafted Gifts Lovera Handcrafted Gifts
Pasta, Rice, & Grains
Rice Rice
Pantry Essentials
Pasta Pasta
Drinks + Mixers Drinks + Mixers
Olives Olives
Antipasti Antipasti
From the Sea From the Sea
Rice, Grains + Legumes Rice, Grains + Legumes
Tomatoes, Sauce + Pesto Tomatoes, Sauce + Pesto
Salt + Seasoning Salt + Seasoning
Baking Baking
Espresso Espresso
Bruschette, Breadsticks + Crackers Bruschette, Breadsticks + Crackers
Our Favorite Sweets
Salumi + Cheese
Fresh + Sliced Meats Fresh + Sliced Meats
Cured Salumi Cured Salumi
Prosciutto Prosciutto
USA Crafted Cheese USA Crafted Cheese
Imported Cheese Imported Cheese
Cannoli Classics Cannoli Classics
Grilling Favorites Grilling Favorites
DITALIA Family Picks DITALIA Family Picks
New Harvest EVOO New Harvest EVOO
Father's Day Father's Day
E-Gift Cards E-Gift Cards
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Corporate Gifts Corporate Gifts
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