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Wholesale Information

What is Wholesale?

For many of our customers they love being able to experience so many wonderful products at great prices and get these products shipped directly to our homes. Some of our other customers buy our products to offer to their local community immediately. These customers buy in higher quantities (mostly cases) and are afforded discounts due to these bulk purchases. At DITALIA we want to be able to allow our high volume purchasers to the ease of shopping online that many of our customers currently enjoy. From that concept, our wholesale section was born.

How much is the discount?

For our high volume purchasers our discounts vary on the amount purchased and the type of product. We continually strive to offer the lowest price for great Italian cuisine and you can be assured that the discounted prices will reflect our effort. We offer a base discounted price for every item that can be viewed online once you wholesale application has been approved. Based on your application further volume discounts can be made after your order is submitted and will be confirmed with you by phone before the order is shipped.

Do I have to make my wholesale purchases online?

No, as always you can call in your order or make it online. The benefit of the online order is that you will be able to make it at any time and then we will call you with the final price, including the shipping quote.

How do I get wholesale pricing?

In order to get wholesale pricing, just fill out our wholesale application and we will contact you when we have processed your account. That is all you have to do.

How would my items be shipped?

On most wholesale order, LTL (Less than Truck Load) would be the best option. To complete your order you would just submit it normally and select LTL. We will get a quote for you and give you a call with the shipping quote and final price.

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